Cognitive Neurodynamics Lab Opportunities

The Laboratory of Cognitive Neurodynamics is looking for a post-doctoral or graduate student researcher to join our team using intracranial recordings in humans to study the neural basis of face recognition and social and affective perception.

The research will focus on understanding the dynamic neural code that underlies the recognition of faces, bodies, facial expressions, and other social and affective stimuli. Of particular interest is how this information is coded in interactive neural circuits at the level of large-scale brain networks. The neural data will primarily be local field potentials/ event related potential from intracranial surface electrodes (electrocorticography, ECoG), cortical depth electrodes, and subcortical depth electrodes in humans. Direct neural stimulation is also used to examine how perturbing neural activity modulates perception. Multivariate techniques and advanced signal processing will be applied to the millisecond-scale activity recorded simultaneously from multiple electrodes in areas related to visual processing while participants view various types of faces and other visual images.

Applicants should have strong skills in signal processing, multivariate statistics, machine learning and/or computational neuroscience. Experience with multivariate analysis of neural data is required and experience with electrophysiological data is desirable.

The position is fully funded. For further information or to submit an application with a curriculum vitae and brief statement of research interests, please contact Avniel Ghuman, PhD, at 412-648-0077. For more information on our research, please visit