Department Nurse Creates Credentialing App

CEAgentPittsburgh, March, 30, 2015 -- Steven Benso, RN, BSN, CCRN, a nurse with the department’s Neurotrauma Clinical Trials Center, has created an app for nurses called CEAgent to help track and manage licenses, certifications, clearances, continuing education and other key documents. The app is designed to help increase efficiency, bring clarity, and reduce risk while assisting nurses maintain qualified employment.

Using an online or smartphone interface, CEAgent allows users to consolidate and manage all relevant professional requirements and vital documents in one easily accessible location. A unified dashboard manages any type of document, including complex certifications, and allows the user to view and email any document at anytime. The app also provides timely alerts if a credential is nearing expiration, so users know exactly where they stand in real time.

The app can be downloaded at Apple’s App Store, or by visiting the CEAgent website at

CEAgent screen shots