Cranial Base Center Wins NASBS Awards

Pittsburgh, February 19, 2018 -- The UPMC Center for Cranial Base Surgery took home two competition awards at the North American Skull Base Society (NASBS) Annual Meeting held February 16-18 in Coronado, Calif.

Chief resident George Zenonos, MD, along with fellows Raj Mukherjee, MD, and, Philippe Lavigne, MD, won first place in the society’s Skull Base Trivia Jeopardy competition while Surgical Neuroanatomy Lab research fellows Salomon Cohen, MD, and Quang Huy Truong, MD, and lab director Juan C. Fernandez-Miranda, MD, were awarded the top-rated abstract prize for their submission “Selective Surgical Resection of the Medial Wall of the Cavernous Sinus for Invasive Pituitary Adenomas: Surgical Technique and Outcomes in 49 Patients.”

2018 NASBS Jeopardy award winners
Raj Mukherjee, Philippe Lavigne and George Zenonos.

Congratulations to all.