Study Shows How Huntington’s Disease Protein Could Cause Death of Neurons
Friedlander led study could lead to ways to prevent the progressive neurological deterioration that characterizes the condition. Read more>
Richardson Discusses DBS on KDKA Radio
Director of Adult Epilepsy and Movement Disorders Surgery talks about Deep Brain Stimulation in it's treatment of Parkinson's Disease symptoms on KDKA Radio Morning News Show. Read more>
DBS Symposium Set for Sept. 19
Course to review Deep Brain Stimulation with respect to treating tremor, Parkinson's disease, dystonia and obsessive compulsive behavior. Read more >
Okonkwo Noted in Trauma Story
Brain trauma clinical director comments on promising new drug, progesterone, utilized in traumatic brain injury research. Read more >
Greene Quoted in Tribune Review Article
Children's Hospital vascular neurosurgery expert comments on arteriovenous malformation (AVM) surgery in 14-year-old patient. Read more >
Maroon Reaches Summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro
Renown sports medicine expert climbs Africa's highest peak as medical adviser in first ever climb by amputees. Read more>
Major Grant Received for Brain Research
DSF Charitable Foundation providing $3.5 million in support for a NeuroDiscovery Center and for HDFT applications in TBI patients. Read more >
GK Nurse Receives Top UPMC Award
Jonet Vacsulka receives UPMC’s Dignity and Respect Champion Award for her efforts in promoting an inclusive work environment. Read more>
It's a Wonderful Life, Again
Reprinted article highlights life-changing experience of brain tumor patient from the eye's of the patient's wife. Read more>
New Brain Institute Established at Pitt
The University of Pittsburgh is creating a new institute that aims to unlock the mysteries of normal and abnormal brain function. Read more >