Neurosurgery News

University of Pittsburgh Neurosurgery News is the quarterly newsletter of the Department of Neurological Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh. It is designed to introduce physicians, researchers, and patients to our department and to provide topical discussions of current techniques and outcomes of neurological surgery. You can download a .pdf version of our latest issue.

Editor: Peter C. Gerszten, MD

Production Editor: Paul Stanick

In our current issue, Spring 2017:

Neurosurgery News Spring 2017

"Minimally Invasive Sacroliac Joint Fusion"

"Incidence of Position-Related Upper Extremity Neuropraxia in 4,313 Consecutive Patients Undergoing Spine Surgery: Role of SSEP Monitoring"

"Risk Factors That Increase the Risk of Neurological Deficits Following Thoracolumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery"

"Improving the Health and Wellness of the Neurosurgeon"

"Inaugural Jannetta Symposium Attracts Leaders of Neurosurgery Discussing Latest Innovations in the Field"

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